Ip Man 2

Ah Jo ask me to continue to count my blessings.. so here is one.. I think I'm fortunate to be able to go to movies with just Hubb and me when Zaizai is still so young… think the week before we went to watch Iron Man 2 and today we went to watch Ip Man 2…

Seriously I tot it was a pretty good show.. maybe with the mother tongue uproar this few weeks on our little island, I felt that we should always preserve our roots and culture.. thats why I think Ip Man 2 touches my heart…

Seriously I don't use to think Donnie Yen was a good actor.. cos his basically expressionless… but I think he fit the character of Ip Man… I don't Ip Man in real person.. but given the character potrayed in the movie, I would think that he is a man who is very cool when he fights… and doesn't really give much of an expression… which I think Donnie Yen makes the character just look cool and good…

Will there be an Ip Man 3?

On a side note, Keitsu wish that she can go watch Robin Hood next week… ermmmm… she is asking too much? 😛

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