Zaizai @ 2 Months

Time flies… Zaizai is 2 months already… very soon I have to "leave" him and go back to work.. I'm starting to miss him just by thinking of that.. silly me…

Anyway some milestones at 2 months…

Zaizai is able to smile at us already… when you play and smile at him… he will smile back… provided he is in a good mood.. 😛 there are times where he is pure tired and can't be bothered with us… and I think I heard him laugh out loud once or twice… 😛

He is more alert now… he sleeps lesser in the day.. normally he will wake for an hour, fall asleep for an hour than wake up again to have his milk… and I will try to play with him in that hour… but when I go back to work, I won't be able to play with him anymore.. and I think my MIL will just make him go to sleep… dunno if that will be good for his brain development… but no choice, cos I'm not a SAHM

His making more sounds now.. different from his first month sounds.. I can't exactly make out what they are and whether they constitue to "coo-ing"…

His nose got better for about 2 weeks.. than yesterday it became blocked again… not sure if he caught a cold when we brought him out that day without his booties and mittens… but we start to let him wear long sleeves and pants to sleep at night, since hubb can't do without the air-con…

Hubb is putting him more on his stomach to encourage him to "crawl" or use his legs… he can wriggle himself a bit.. we should do more of these to encourage the growth of his motor skills…

I'm now looking for books to read to him.. went to the lib but there is so much books that I have no idea what to borrow for him… in the end I didn't borrow any… and there was once where I actually read him the book that I was reading "How smart is your baby"… hahahaha… i wonder if he knows what I'm reading him to…

I also manage to download some free flashcards… and "played" with him… at times he will quietly look at it.. but there will be times he will refuse to look and even cry… i guess he is tired… 😛

I need to think of more activities to do with him… need to learn new nursery rhymes… borrow books to read to him.. and what else can i do to "play" with him?

Okie.. A photo of him we took on the day of his 2nd month… Dunno why he always look like Sam Seng Kia when he wears something with collar…

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