Best things in life

Inspired by Ah Jo keitsu also wants to post up the best things in life…

  • Hearing my hubb snore and Zaizai making funny sound when they are asleep
  • Feeling Zaizai latch on and seeing the contented smile when he is done
  • Seeing my family members fussing over Zaizai
  • Having Dim Sum @ Hong Xing with my family members and relatives
  • Bailey Cookie and Cream from En Dining
  • Macademia Cookies from Subway
  • Gelato ice-cream @ Shaw
  • Japanese Curry Donut from Sun Moulin
  • Catching up with friends on what is going on in their life
  • Mahjong session with friends (and gossiping at the same time)
  • Shopping and finding nice clothes
  • Massage
  • Travelling and stumbling upon some unknown good food / places
  • Reading a good book
  • Buying Christmas presents for my love ones and friends
  • Taking a nice shower

I think I can go on and on… but I don't want to write too much.. cos its suppose to be the BEST…. arghhh.. but somethings are so hard to decide… 🙂

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