After deliberating and deliberating, I finally make it to the concert at the very last minute… all thanks to Jean who couldn't make it to the concert and gave the tix to me for free… thanks Jean!

After tots of the concert? Well, the crowd control and all were certainly badly manage… the audience were only seated by 8:30pm 1 hour behind the scheduled start time… and the concert didn't start until 8:45pm…. terok was all i can say about that…

Concert content? Well, I didn't have much feeling for it… I guess I stop feeling much for their concert since the last D.N.A… I dunno… probably I'm getting old, I felt somehow their concert lost certain flare, I can't say exactly wat was it… but i dunno, they can't seem to excite me anymore…

or maybe my long time MD concert partner, Ah Jo, is not there… I have attended all their concert in sg with her, since 2001.. this is the first time I'm attending it without… actually she waited for me to make the decision to go or not to go… I wan't really that keen, until I know its National Stadium… but still I tot I wouldn't go, cos expressing of BM is a huge problem for me… so even when QH asked me I rejected it… until the friday before the concert, QH asked me again… talked to hubb, and he came out with a solution for me to express my BM… it was only until friday evening did i decide that i'm going… so paiseh and sorry to Ah Jo, cos in the end I went without her..

and worst, I was thinking about Zaizai half the time when I was at the concert… worried and wondering if he has gone to bed… can my hubb handle him? i think I wasted Jean tix, paiseh to Jean…

but I have to agree the fireworks at the end was awesome for a concert… nice and just add the touch to the concert…

will I be going for their next concert? i dunno.. seriously i wonder what is the motivation next time…

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