Zaizai @ 1 Mth

Time flies… Zaizai had his full month "party" on Saturday… although he is the main lead, he was sleeping throughout the day… and my SILs commented that it looks more like my full month party, cos I was busy entertaining my guests… 😛

Reaching this 1 month milestone isn't easy… seriously, the first 2 weeks after his birth was terrible… adjusting to the schedule, doing breastfeeding and all, it took a tow on my emotions…. now things are better..

He is sleeping earlier in the night unlike in the 1st few weeks where he will only go to sleep after 1 am… now its easier to get him to sleep in the night…. and we use to be only able to get him to sleep thru nursing… but now as long as we carry him in his favourite position, we should be able to get him to sleep rather quickly… only at times, he will be fussy… and nursing is the only solution *sighz*… so the next aim is to get him to sleep on his own.. which i think its gonna be very difficult… now, when we put him down when his awake, he will be quiet for a while and then he will crave for attention…. just as i'm typing this.. he is "calling" away… i'm trying to ignore his calls and see if he will quiet down on his own….

He is on a rather regular 2 hour feed… sometimes 3 hours sometimes 1.5… but most of the time its a regular 2 hour feed… which is much better… i remember in the 1st 2 weeks, it can be half hourly at night… that is really terrible… i hope i can stretch to a regular 3 hour feed at night in the months to come so that i can sleep more.. especially if after I go back to work…

And a few days ago, hubb put him on his stomach to attempt to make him sleep… and surprisingly he manage to lift his head on his own while in that position… my SIL says she tried getting his attention and move a finger in front of him… and his head follows the finger.. its an achievement, but we never got to make him do it again… he was always looking at else where….

generally, things are easier… but we Zaizai still have a problem… he seems to have a lot of mucus… especially in the night when he sleeps, he might have a nose that is blocked, and as a result he breath very hard and sometimes wakes himself up because of that and starts crying…. hubb aunt say it might be the mucus from birth which is not thoroughly cleaned up… i'm not sure… i just hope that the mucus get clears away soon and not because he have a sensitive nose / sinus…. *praying hard*… and we will check with the doc next week when he goes for his vaccination… and because of this, we dare not on the aircon at night.. but sometime it will be so hot that he sweats and that irritates him also… its so hard to strike a balance between the two….

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