For the past few days I have been contemplating whether to attend Mayday concert… if I don't, it will be the 1st time I'm missing their paid concert in Singapore.. but well, certain things have to start from somewhere…

Initially I wasn't really keen on the show, cos its still D.N.A… and the location was padang… but after knowing that it has shifted to National Stadium, it arouse more of my interest…. Its always a dream of mine to attend an open air concert in the National Stadium… let alone its Mayday…

besides, I didn't really enjoy the last D.N.A. concert.. cos I was pregnant then, so 80% of the time I was seated and I dare not jump even if i'm standing.. but again i find the content somewhat similar to that of "JUMP"… so it didn't make much of a difference…

and lastly is $ matters… with the addition of Zaizai plus our flat coming, I'm tight on my finances… just had a discussion with hubb that probably we can't go travelling or concert for the next 2 years to come… with that, should I spend another 100+ to watch a concert? that can translate to a few month supply of diapers for Zaizai… (oh my, I'm sounding more and more like an auntie)

but again i think i need a break from taking care of Zaizai… the concert should help me unwind alot… but on the other hand, how to survive a 4 hour concert without expressing… will that affect my supply?

still have about a week to consider…. should I or should I not…

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