16 Days

16 Days on…. Zaizai has been out for 16 Days… Half my confinement period is gone…

I remembered during my pregnancy, hubb keep asking me if I'm ready to be a mother.. my answer than was I don't know, cos I wasn't one before… I dunno what is expected of me…

In any case… 16 Days on, my answer would probably be NO…. This 2 days I have been having my mood swings.. probably due to lack of rest… can't remember when was the last time I have a good 8 hour sleep without disturbance.. even during my last trimester, I wasn't able to sleep peacefully at night.. and I'm someone who needs lots of rest…

maybe I love myself too much… i'm finding all this very tiring…. there is no "me" time… let alone time with my hubb… although I'm home the whole day, I'm not sure where did the time ran to… i wasn't sleeping / resting and yet I wasn't doing much things for myself… i really dunno what happen to my time…

Hubb ask me if I want the easier way out.. which is to go formula instead of BF.. which means i will be less tired and there will be more rest time.. but I don't want… its not that I have no BM, and we all know BM is much better than formula… i have to sacrifice for my kid….

my only other worry is whether I can handle all this by 1st June where I will be back in office.. and also now that its school hols for my hubb, he is around and awake at night to help out where Zaizai is active…. when school starts, hubb will need more rest and I can't expect him to take care at night…. *sighz* so much uncertainty… i just wish for Zaizai to learn to wake up in the morning and sleep thru the night… *praying hard*

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6 thoughts on “16 Days

  1. Jiayou! Give yourself more time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Don't think too far ahead, deal with things as they come, less stressful that way.A suggestion that I've heard from my friends. When the baby sleeps, you can try to nap too. That might give you more stretches of uninterrupted rest.

  2. hmm… i've heard "training" needs to be done… tat is to try to not let him take aftn naps so that he won't be so active at nite… they do need time to get accustomed to the adults' bio-clock… (:

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