The 39 Weeks…

I remembered that half way through the 39 weeks, Ah Jo asked me why I never tell others about my pregnancy.. including the mafians….

I have kept my pregnancy very very low profile…. I can count the number of pple whom I actually told them in person that I'm pregnant… The first of course is my family members, the 2nd my boss cos I have to prep him that I will be away when the project is at its peak… 3rd my two colleagues who have to take over my work when I'm on maternity leave, this is to prep them in advance… 4th Ah Jo apart from the fact that she is my dear friend, also because that day we were picking a venue for dinner and I am very sensitive to smell in my 1st trimester… the rest of the pple either found out when they saw my tummy (which is already like the 5th month onwards) or heard from others….

Why the low profile? Seriously I was under a little stress at the beginning… I had very very bad "morning sickness"… I will vomit in the morning and at night without fail… and the pregnancy also aggrevaited my motion sickness… The typical day for the 1st trimester begins with puking the 1st thing in the morning… and initially before we got our car, I will puke on the bus (in a bag of course) when I travel to work.. and I need to transfer bus to get to my work place… pretending to sleep doesn't help…. sometime when I reach my office, I will have another round of merlion… the afternoon is okie.. but i have very low appetite… already I'm not a big eater, but during the 1st trimester, I was like much worst… I was eating about 1/4 of what I normally eat.. and worst sometime I will puke it out after eating, with the food undigested…. and at night if I'm lucky, I will puke 1/2 the dinner out… but if i ate at my parents place 100% will be out even before I reach home…. sometimes I can puke twice in a night.. when there is no food, the gastric juice will come out… it was a terrible 2 mths plus….

with that I worry about my little one growth…. if i cannot digest the food, how is he going to absorb the nutrients he need to grow… because of this I was very cautious of who will come to know about my pregnancy… cos I really can't imagine if something bad happens….

and after the 1st trimester, I thought things will get better.. the "morning sickness" will somehow stop… i was so looking forward to the 2nd trimester which most termed as the "honeymoon" period… but I was wrong… the "morning sickness" didn't go away… but it did get better… its no longer everyday but it still there… and the motion sickness is all the same… no travelling after food is the key to stopping the puke…. Because of this, the pregnancy was further kept low profile… and my tummy wasn't obvious until many months later which is already close to the 3rd trimester…

and 2nd trimester also wasn't really that "honeymoon"… appetite only got better at the later stage… same for the "morning sickness"… but following that is the gastric reflux… happen once or twice during the last stage of 2nd trimester… this bring down appetite again… and because I'm a person who is used to sleeping on my back, with the tummy growing out I have to learn to sleep on my side… this is really not easy… i will wake up with backache and my arms have poor blood circulation… it took me weeks to get use to sleeping on the side.. but still i couldn't really sleep properly…

with the start of 3rd trimester… I got pregnancy piles for nothing… i mean I wasn't even constipated… lucky for me i was able to empty my bowels quite often… but the piles just decide to come out and play during the xmas period… and it was so unbearable that I could hardly sit properly…. it took a few days before the tender skin become "rough"… emptying bowels is a sensational event…

the weeks leading to the labor was worst… keep feeling indigestion which makes the puking come back… and so the appetite is back down…. and then the contraction came… which means i cannot sleep through the night… the contraction will wake me up from my sleep… I really can't recall when was the last time I had a good night rest and feel really fresh the next day…

I would say I wasn't a really lucky person when it comes to pregnancy… but I wasn't the worst.. at least I didn't have diabetes which makes pregnancy even worst… and lucky for my hubb, i have no craving.. so he doesn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to buy food or order Mac…. but I'm really those few that vomit from the start of the pregnancy till the end…

but I must say there were joy too…  when you feel the kicks of your little one… and seeing them "grow" from the ultrasound scanning.. and of course the privileges as a pregnant woman (pple giving up seat, opening door, no house work, etc… :P)

would I miss pregnancy? probably not… but i will miss having my baby inside me… 😛

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2 thoughts on “The 39 Weeks…

  1. And I had thought you look like a happy pregnant woman. I mean some of the pregnant woman is always crying or complainy, or at least this is what I saw on on the drama serials.And Zai Zai looked like a happy baby, I hope he don't cry a lot and will make your life easier. And I hope he grow up soon, so that we can bring him out for ice-cream together! (^_^)

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