HDB First Appointment

Finally, the day have arrived for our first appointment with HDB…. we "bought" a flat sometime in early December.. and it was 3 long months of wait before we can go "meet" HDB to process the purchasing of the flat… and from here another 7 weeks before the owner is to hand in their keys…. but we signed an agreement with the previous flat owner allowing them to extend their stay for another 30 days, since they need to reno and move into their new home… so by the time we can really lay our hands on the keys, it will be May 2010….

After flating hunting for a good 3 years, I'm glad this thing is finally coming to a "closure"…. we started off with new flats, but can never get a good queue number… not even when the BTO is like less than 1 km away from his parents place… and we started looking into the resale market… the high COV set us back by alot… plus there was the "feng shui" matters that came in… so we miss the period where there is $0 COV back mid of last year…

this time round… we opt for a small 3 room flat, though it probably cost as much as a four room in the suburb, cos of its location… and the COV i wouldn't say its little… we were lucky that our agent manage to help us slash the price by a few thousand dollars… and we didn't consult the fengshui master about this flat… we just pray and hope everything will turn out well when he finally steps into our flat… cos we were kinda of desperate already….

anyway… we heard from our agent today that the previous owner initially intend to back out from the deal after we paid the deposit… i guess they feel that they should ask for more in terms of the COV… but our agent manage to discourage them and hence things proceed as per normal…

moving ahead.. now that we have our own place, expenses is bound to go up… plus the COV money which we borrowed from my Sis needs to be worked out in installments also… and also the renovation work that needs to be done…. *Sighz* $$$$….

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